March 2009 Meeting – Quilting Making


Janice Gunner, former president of the Quilters Guild will be coming down to host the workshop, where we will be making our very own Shoreditch Sisters themed story quilt.

Each member will be given a 20cm (8 inch) block to design using techniques such as decorative needlework, embroidery, cross stitch, applique and patchwork.
A story quilt is comprised of a series of personal and individual story squares, with each block portraying either a story, an image, a unique personal insight, idea or perspective on the greater theme at large. As the quilt will be a collaborative work of both personal and community history, members will be asked to develop a design based upon themselves within context of the WI. Once the individual story squares are completed they will eventually be connected to create a quilt which will be used for display purposes at future meetings and other WI events.

Most materials will be provided, however it is advised to bring along personal sewing kits including (pins, needles, scissors, thread) and also a notebook and a pen in order to take notes and work out ideas for the blocks beforehand. Members may also wish to bring along their own fabrics or embellishments or anything else they might like to incorprate into their own individual designs.

For inspiration on desgining your blocks, check out some contempoary needlework artists such as Orly Cogan, who directly imposes images of modern femininity over vintage tablecloths and samplers. Or the feminist art crafters of the 70’s such as Miriam Shapiro and Judy Chicago who coined the term, ‘Femmage’ and whose fabric collages, embroidery and quilts sought to bridge the divide between so called ‘womans work’ and mainstream art. Even Tracey Emin’s quilt art is worth a second glance!

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