Next Meeting: Sushi and Origami Making

Hi Ladies,


The next meeting will be totally exciting with our first ever sushi and origami making class.


The venue has changed, so good bye and farewell to the George Tavern and welcome to our exciting new location.  Stay tuned for the exact address and more info.

Date: Tuesday 28th July

Time: 8pm-10pm

JOINING FEE….. Please bring the sum of £29 cash or cheque, which is the cost of an annual subscription to join the WI.

 OR if you’re not ready to join just yet, please come down anyway, as non members are allowed to visit up to two meetings in exchange for leaving a donation of £3 each time before they make up their minds.


Shoreditch Sisters


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Founded ten years ago, by Jazz Domino Holly, the Shoreditch Sisters WI are a group of incredible, funny, intelligent, creative and just generally badass women.