July 2009 Meeting – Sushi and Origami

We enter an old
converted pub, which is now the Shoreditch Sisters new very own home from home,
a large open space it has a warm feel created by comfy armchairs and old rugs.
There is a bustle of activity as adding to the ranks of our already present
canine mascots – new comer Toots the kitten is asleep and curled up on a

 Toots, now wide awake and with a twitching nose reveals the first clue
about tonight’s activities at the SSWI. Salmon is being delicately sliced as
the last bit of preparation is underway for the Sushi making demonstration. We
are schooed out of the kitchen as the room begins to fill with chatter, to help
set up for the second activity of the evening – Origami.

 Alex, the only man in the room and our instructor for the evening
looks to be enjoying his role, as he shows us the ancient art of paper folding.
The end results look amazing, as we now have brightly coloured paper frogs,
stars, birds and a few unrecognisable shapes dotted about the room.

 Meanwhile a delicious sent of fresh food is in the air, as the Sushi
sessions progress. Lola, Ella and Kiki show us how to make the rolls that are
then sliced and ready for us to eat – who knew sticky rice and a few added
extras could taste so good!

 As the girls tuck in, Jazz makes some announcements, where future WI
events are planned and signed up for. The drink flows and so does the
conversation. Then we gather our brightly coloured Origami and with full
bellies the Shoreditch Sisters stream out into the night air of East London.
– A Member

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