August 2009 Sizzling Summer Picnic


If you were down in Victoria Park last Sunday, you may have sighted a large number of lost looking ladies wandering about, sporting their finest Sunday (picnic) Best. All were searching for the mythical Glade – the lovely, leafy setting for the 2009 Shoreditch Sisters Summer Picnic.


It was a dazzlingly sunny day; the rays beating down from the blue sky onto the green grass. After the Glade had been located, the bunting strewn wonkily onto the bushes, Punky the dog placated with a makeshift ball made from an apple and the enormous, giant battery fed ghetto blaster had started to swell the air with music, the Sisters, friends, boyfriends and assorted tiny dogs settled down to enjoy the delicious food and drink on offer.


As more and more people arrived, the delicious picnic spread grew more and more impressive. Jazz’s pea and mint dip and bruschetta; lentil “pork pies”; crunchy home-baked peanut butter cookies; juicy fruit kebabs; gently melting chocolate cake and very much more besides was proudly laid out on colourful checked blankets (all, I’m sad to say, putting to shame my solitary, slightly squished box of animal biscuits) It was a tasty display of the culinary skills of the members.

Long after the piles of fairy cakes had subsided, the drink and chatter continued to flow into the warm evening…

By Anna x


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