Au Revior Old Blog

Welcome to the new Shoreditch Sisters blog. Our previous blog over at is now in retirement.

We’ve also said a sad au revoir for now to our founding president Jazz, who is still on our committee and will be busy with forthcoming WI related things (more to come on this soon, it’s very exciting). The new president is baking specialist Becky, with the craftastic Jen as treasurer and myself as secretary.

So far this year we have been busy making plans for our monthly meetings, but we’d like to hear from our members on what they’d like to do. Any ideas, people you’d like brought in to talk to us, subjects you are interested in, skills you think you could share and anything else you can think of. We have a lot of super talented members, so does any one want to design a new banner for this page or have a go at making a new logo? If drawing isn’t your thing, you could knit, bake or sew something and take a photo.

We’ll also be getting involved with other people’s events and are planning out first march of 2011. Subscribe to this blog to find out more, find us on our Facebook page and follow us on twitter. Paid up members will be getting a news letter emailed out soon, in the mean time have a look at the events page on Facebook (and invite your lady friends to join us) or look at the calendar on the right.

The next meeting will be on 22nd February at the new earlier time of 7pm (don’t worry if about coming in late though). Details of what we’ll be doing coming to the blog and facebook soon.

Finally, soon on the blog I’ll be posting about some of our previous events and campains and thanking all the lovely people who have helped us, taught us something or talked to us. 

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Founded in 2007, we are a WI for women in and around London. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 52 - 54 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8RT at 7pm. Membership is available all year around - joining in Jan-31st March is £41 for the entire year, April-30th June £30.75 for three quarters of the year, July- 30 Sept £20.50 of half a year, and Oct-Dec £10.25. We meet 11 times a year plus extra monthly sub-groups. Non-members are welcome to most meetings for £5.