Message from our new President Becky

I wanted to take this opportunity as I take over the role of President of the Shoreditch Sisters to say a huge thank you to our outgoing President, and founding member, Jazz. I haven’t been a member from the very start, but from the very first meeting I attended, making an Amy Winehouse costume for a PlayStation Little Big Planet Sackboy, Jazz’s passion and enthusiasm for the Shoreditch Sisters and the activities and campaigns that we have been involved in is what stands out. I am slightly daunted by the task of taking over from Jazz and the very large metaphorical shoes I will have to try fill, but am lucky to have such a great committee behind me. 
Wishing you all the best with the completion and launch of the book Jazz, and know that the group will most definitely miss having you at the helm!  Thank you.

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Shoreditch Sisters WI

Founded in 2007 by Jazz Domino Holly, the Shoreditch Sisters WI are a group of incredible, funny, intelligent, creative and just generally badass women.