February 2011 Meeting: Embroideries & Lady Parts

Our next meeting has shifted to Monday 21st February at Concrete and we’ll be open from the earlier time of 6.30pm to say hello to new members and do all the annual fee paying for existing members. 

Saria from Forward and our own Tara are going to introduce our Embroideries campaign (see pic above & previous blog post). There will be lots of sewing going on. Useful things you could bring are needles, sewing thread, embroidery thread, fabric, scissors, embellishments and any thing else you’d like to make your patch – lace, sequins, etc.

There will also be a chance to have a your nails painted as part of Ovacome’s Teal Tips campaign. We wanted to lend our support to Ovacome’s Teal Tips campaign this March to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. Although ovarian cancer is more likely to manifest itself in post-menopausal women, and we are a largely younger WI, we know that awareness amongst ourselves can have positive implications for mothers and friends – awareness is key to recognition of symptoms, early diagnosis, and ultimately lives saved. Hopefully all our distinctive nails will prompt questions and comments from friends and colleagues in the days following our meeting, so we can spread the message even further!

RSVP to the facebook event page or just turn up and say hello.

What with making patches, talking about FGM and ovarian cancer, it is unintentionally a lady parts theme night!

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