October’s 2011 Meeting – Crochet and Fast Fashion with Traid


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Last month was a bit of a squeeze into the small but perfect alternate venue, Time for Tea, with not enough elbow room to learn how to crochet, so we are going to try it again. Having seen the crochet granny blanket scarf Henry Holland is flogging this season for a whopping £400+, we’ll be learning how to make the latest thing.

We’ll have a bag of wool and assorted a few spare hooks, but please bring your own hook if you can (and if you have any you could lend to our sisters, mark them with a dab of nail varnish). Also if you can already crochet please come and share your skills or drag along a friend who can to join our crack team of crocheters.
Then we’ll be meeting lovely Lyla from Traid to learn more about what they do. Traid stands for Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development. Traid are currently working in partnership with the WI and War on Want on our national Fast Fashion campaign.

High street clothing is increasingly being called ‘fast fashion’.
Like fast food, it is mass produced and designed for instant gratification, but carries with it hidden environmental and social impacts.

This surge in demand for disposable clothing has a host of negative impacts for people and the planet. The WI believe it is important that the people making the clothes we buy are paid a living wage in decent working conditions. We also care about the environmental impact of fashion. 900,000 million items of clothing end up in landfill every year. Low priced, low quality dispobable clothing is often synthetic and doesn’t decompose.

Even if you can’t make it to the meeting, there are some draft letters on either the environmental impact or the conditions and low pay of garment workers on our campaigns page for you to personalise and send to your favourite brands.

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