October 2011 Meeting: Crochet, cheese and fast fashion…

Yet another fabulous meeting has been and gone with so many amazing things to report!
There was enough cheese from the lovely Cheese Society to give everyone a taster.  Thanks to anyone who brought biscuits and chutney, President Becky’s chutney and Hannah’s homemade biscuits provided me with a good meal certainly…if you didn’t get to try one that may be because I scoffled quite a few.  They were great though.
Credit Sophia Spring 
For anyone who, having been introduced to crochet, wants to go on to create amazing crochet based things the lovely Martha has supplied me with some links.  I, for one, am cracking my knuckles, putting the kettle on and gearing up for a session aimed at creating my very own granny blanket to keep me warm of a winter’s evening.
Credit Sophia Spring

Credit Sophia Spring
Lyla from TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) came and gave us a talk on the work that they do, including the inspirational way that they reuse and recycle clothes that are past their best.  We (the western world) now go through more clothing than ever before and much of it is just thrown into landfill when we’ve worn it a few times, fast and disposable fashion.  The impact of this on the planet and people is immense.  Whilst we see new ranges coming into shops every few weeks, for the workers making those clothes it means cutting wages, shortened turn around times and worsening conditions.
Credit Sophia Spring

Credit Sophia Spring
If you want to find out more check out their website for information on where to donate your old clothes and where their shops are so you can keep your wardrobes stocked.  They run workshops on recycling clothes in their Camden and Shepherds Bush shops too of an evening so maybe see some of you there!
If you were moved by the talk into action there are a number of template letters on this blog which you can use to send to retailers to express your views.
We were very excited to be visited by the amazing photographer Sophia Spring, who you may have seen snapping away and who took all the photos here.  To see more photos of Sophia’s photos from the night please check out our facebook page.
Next month will be our AGM.  All very serious, members will be electing our committee, President and VPs, Secretary and Treasurer…plus potentially some other roles we’d like people to take on.  We will be starting early to get the official WI biz out of the way so that we can move onto making Christmas decorations – bring on the glitter!!  

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