Knit, Natter and Crochet

I will go ahead and quote our treasurer, Jen Luk, here when talking about our most recent and highly successful knit and natter sesh, “My world = turned upside down”.

What had caused this inversion I hear you ask?  Well, I crocheted a granny square.  Yes, woollen crafts have finally got their hooks (no pun intended!) into me.  After months of just nattering, I am now a bona fide crafter too.  Admittedly I find it impairs my ability to speak as my tongue is hanging out the side of my mouth, but surely that’ll improve!
If you would like to come along to knit and natter please do, you don’t have to be a member, it’s just an opportunity to get together, craft (any craft welcome) or just natter.  It’s always two weeks after our main meeting, check out the calendar here Drop in from 6.30pm to  Leon in Old Spitalfields Market.  They give us a table, we order their food, symbiotic, like.
It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, perfect something you did as a kid but can’t quite remember anymore, get some help with a tricky pattern or advice on where something went wrong.  It’s an unintimidating mix of professional knitters and crocheters and total beginners who must be given more elbow room so as not to poke people’s eyes out.  We also have a ravelry group where you can share tips, get help and generally indulge your knitty activities.

Hope fully see you at the next one, remember, Christmas is coming and everyone loves a hand-crafted gift.  Unless you’re my brother, in which case it’ll be the usual CD…

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