We came, we saw, we pom-pommed

This Monday just gone a few of us went along to Shoreditch House for Company Magazine’s High Street Fashion Awards.  After deciding what to wear, what to make and getting past security (who had us down as performers…cue quizzical looks) we found we’d been given a lovely little area in one of the rooms.  The Shoreditch Sisters who got there early had done a brilliant job decorating it with our bunting, banners and bundles of yarn, all ready for us to show those fashionistas a few things about pom-pom making.

It was a great opportunity for us to display the campaigns work we’ve been doing on our Embroideries campaign to end FGM (female genital mutilation), show the sort of activities we get up to on a monthly basis and get some lovely ladies involved with our craft-y activities.

It was, to be honest, dead glamorous, there were lovely cocktails and small bowls of amazing food doing the rounds, everyone in their best outfits and a small smattering of celebs – we spotted Pixie Lott there to collect an award for her dresses at Lipsy, Jameela Jamil looking statuesque and with a perfect fringe of glossy hair (grrr) and this month’s cover girl Caroline Flack.

More important than all of that though was that when we briefly abandoned our stations to have some (no doubt highly embarrassing) official type photos taken, we came back to find we’d been totally usurped by curious and crafting fashionistas, carefully overseen by our own Ms Maddison.  We are literally conquering the world, one pom-pom at a time.

The photos here were taken by President Becky but if you want to see some of the official ones, follow this link and check out pictures 35 and 50…  Not my best side BTW.  And the beautiful headbands a few of us are sporting were kindly lent to us by Elnaz Niknani.

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