A Force to Be Reckoned With

This month’s big meeting is the second of our campaign themed meetings.

After the success of our Million Women Rise meeting in February, where we made the amazing banner above, we will have Jane Robinson, author of “A Force to Be Reckoned With” joining us for an inspiring chat about Women’s Institute campaigns of the past.

What a wonderful name for a history of the Women’s Institute, and we can carry on being that force as 21st century WI members. Soon we will be voting on resolutions (which means choosing the topic for next years national WI campaign) as well as starting our own monthly campaigning meeting, carrying on with the Embroideries FGM awareness campaign and starting a new, as yet undecided member chosen campaign. To inspire us, social historian Jane will tell us how the WI changed the world, about the suffragettes and social crusaders.

Anyone getting a copy of the book before the meeting, you’ll be as thrilled as I was to spot that not only do the Shoreditch Sisters get a mention in the book and on the jacket, but there is a photo of the 2009 Map Of Gaps, one of our earliest craftavist projects, with our founding president Jazz Domino Holly and her successor Becky Clark with Ruth Bond, overall President of the Women’s Institute. [See the quilt on the V&A’s website.]

As well as Jane Robinson’s talk, we’ll be asking members to think about what they would like to campaign about next, so have a think before hand. The ideas will then be discussed at our new monthly Campaigns Group.

We now have tea available at the bar, along with the usual alcohol, so bring some extra cash for merriment. Some WI committee baked cakes will be gratis – bring your own baked goods to share with your sisters.

Non-members are very welcome, no need to book ahead. Just pay £4 on the door. For this meeting, members of any WI are very welcome. 

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6.50pm (starting at 7pm) till 9pm
Tuesday 26th March 2013
@ Bethnal Green Workingmen’s Club

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