More Midwives Campaign 2013

Last year the  WI across the country voted to campaign about midwives, as suggested by Horwich WI, Lancashire Federation:

“There are chronic shortages of midwives. The NFWI calls on the government to increase investment in the training, employment and retention of midwives in England and Wales to ensure services are adequately resourced and are able to deliver a high standard of care.”

Almost one-third of midwifery heads were been asked to cut staff in 2011.

Recruitment freezes leave vacancies unfilled.

Existing midwives are stretched and can’t deliver the care they were trained to give, due to the shortages.

80% of women in labour in England didn’t receive one-to-one midwife care in 2010.

More to follow, on May 3rd when a WI commissioned report is published on this topic. If any of our members are free on May 3rd, we would like you to lobby your local MP and give him or her a copy of the report.

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