June Meeting! 25th June 2013 – Foraging and Pickling with Jojo Tulloh! Starts at 7pm

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Calling all Sisters!

Do you like to make your own? Want to learn the art of foraging and pickling and growing/picking the best of our beautiful urban landscape? Well, great timing, because our June meeting is all about that! – aren’t you glad you know us eh?!

Jojo Tulloh, food editor of The Week magazine and allotment-junkie, divides her time between her family, her garden and writing about food and gardens. Taking inspiration from the self-sufficient life and living from plentiful window boxes Jojo has released her new book The Modern Peasant. With step-by-step methods for baking and pickling, fermenting and foraging, Tulloh presents fresh tasting, achievable recipes for modern-day urban ‘peasants’ – from sour dough pizzas of nettles and sausage to jam, cordials and pickles. She will share some of her inspirational methods for great tasting seasonal cooking and fresh produce.

In the book Jojo shares stories from local London producers and gives step by step methods for baking, pickling, fermenting and foraging, as well as some delicious recipes such as making your own yoghurt, cheese, nettle and sausage pizzas, chutneys and jams. *Jojo’s book will be available for sale at the meeting!* http://www.jojotulloh.com/ 

Jojo will talk to us about the lost art of fermentation, how easy and health giving this simple process is whilst demonstrating how to make kimchi, a fermented carrot, cabbage and chilli mixture that is the national dish of Korea. – this sounds strange but it is SO YUMMY!
Come along, all fun is supplied.

£4 for very welcome guests, members free.

Jojo’s book will be available for purchase for £15 and if you want to get it signed.

We have tea, coffee, beer, wine and pop available at the bar, so bring some extra cash for merriment. Some WI committee baked cakes will be gratis – bring your own baked goods to share with your sisters.

7pm Start.

See you there!

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