February Meeting – Do Ray Me So La Da Tee

February Meeting – Tuesday 25th February 2014 – Do Ray Me So La Da Tee

If you thought vibrato was something you find in your bottom draw then perhaps this meeting will set you right…

From harmonies to fun warm ups, 3 experienced singers, and Shoreditch Sisters Members, Tina, Mia and Roshi, will be teaching us how to improve our vocal skills with fun exercises and useful tips that we can do around the home or in the car.

Lyrics will be provided to some well known pop tracks (to be revealed nearer the time!) and we will sing together, hopefully!! :)…
Hairbrushes optional.
7PM -late comers will not be able to be admitted, last entry 7.15pm
Non-members: £4 on the door
Members: Free!
It’s renewal time! Please bring £34.70 cash/cheque to renew your membership for 2014.

If you’re new and want to join the WI you can join at this meeting or our February meeting. Membership is £34.70 for the year, please bring cash or cheque with you to the meeting. Find out more about benefits of being a WI member: http://www.thewi.org.uk/become-a-member/membership-options/become-a-wi-member

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