This Year’s Ours

First of all I’d like to thank you. Thank you for letting me turn what was essentially a coup into an officially elected democracy but also I’d like to thank you for trusting me with something that I know means a lot to you. Over the next year I want to make sure I prove to you, it was a good choice.

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club: Home
Home is Where the Heart is

What I have always been impressed with is the incredible talent, intelligence, kindness and humour that every woman who comes to our meetings has. Individually every one of you is an amazingly impressive human and when we come together we become exponentially more than the sum of our parts. We provide an incredibly welcoming home to any woman who wants to share what we have fostered, we stand united against the inequalities of this world, we share and teach skills encouraging each other to better ourselves, we share brilliant thought-provoking conversations (occasionally over a pint or two) and, most importantly, we have an awful lot of fun doing it.

Knot Just Natter
The ladies at Knit and Natter

So this year I want us to take this amazing atmosphere that we have made together and spread it further. Your committee is working so hard to get some amazing speakers and activities in the diary for the rest of the year which I know are going to be a lot of fun! We also have some amazing one-off projects like the Inspirational Women Quilt and ongoing projects like the Shoreditch Sisters Blog happening this year. But I want you all to get more involved: would you like to write for the blog? Let us know! Would you like to lead or help out with a subgroup? Let us know! Have you had an idea for a main meeting? Let us know! This is your WI and the committee are only here to work for you, any idea whether it’s a tiny suggestion (that you want jaffa cakes at each main meeting) or a huge idea (like you want to lead a project to Yarn Bomb the entire City of London) GOSH DARN IT let us know because we want to help you make your great ideas into a great reality! We cannot wait to hear from you (

I can feel it in my bones, this year we are going to make some truly amazing stuff happen: I think this year is ours – let’s make it a good one.

All my love to you all,

Jodie, President

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Shoreditch Sisters WI

Founded in 2007, we are a WI for women in and around London. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 52 - 54 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8RT at 7pm. Membership is available all year around - joining in Jan-31st March is £41 for the entire year, April-30th June £30.75 for three quarters of the year, July- 30 Sept £20.50 of half a year, and Oct-Dec £10.25. We meet 11 times a year plus extra monthly sub-groups. Non-members are welcome to most meetings for £5.