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A beautiful, small and perfectly formed Knit and Natter was had by all this month. We discussed the Sewing Bee’s insanely beautiful Liberty Quilt, roller skating, murder mystery parties and what Lottie Gough’s WI would look like if she took the helm…

The lovely Lottie and her beauteous Alpaca jumper
The lovely Lottie and her beauteous Alpaca jumper

Hey! So what crafting is this?

I am making a jumper. I am only part way through said jumper and there is an issue with it’s potential length. But it will be beautiful because it is made from alpaca.

So you’ve just taken over Shoreditch Sisters: you are now President! You’ve organised an absolutely amazing main meeting for this month. It’s going to be in amazing new venue: where is it?

I would have it in what was the Summer Palace in China before bits of it got destroyed in the cultural revolution. Boom.

Well that going to be amazing. And we’ve got ourselves a new bar person: who is it?

It’s Ryan Gosling. It’s Drive Ryan Gosling. I just want him.

Don’t we all, well I think I need a drink and it’s your round: what are we having?!

I’d buy everyone a Tequila and lemonade because it is the most underrated drink but once you’ve tried it you’ll say “why have I never tried this before?!”

And under the new regime the parties are always catered. What are we having for food?

One massive New Orleans barbecue: pulled pork, ribs, wings, chips of course, coleslaw, everything.

I’m going to be stuffed. We have an amazing speaker: who is it and what are they chatting about?

Frank Warren who does Postsecret, I’ve watched the TED talk about twenty times and I cry every time.

What an incredible talk… No, I’m not crying I’ve just got something in both my eyes… but anyway it’s time for the dessert trolley! What’s on it?

There’s sooo much: desert is the most important meal of the day. We are having lots of tiramisu, anything with cream. A smorgasbord of deserts, like when you go to Red Hot Buffet and you’re like “Wow”.

Chloe's beauts quilt!
Chloe’s beauts quilt!

For the second half of the meeting we are learning a new skill: what is it?

I have just finished a Rob Ryanesque paper cutting course and I’d like to get better. It’s a skill I think loads of people should try because it’s really easy but also really good!

And now onwards to the raffle. Raffle Raffle. And you only go and ruddy win! What did you win?!

That’s my round the world ticket to fly away.

Wow, great prize. At the end of the meeting you’ve got one piece of advice to pass on: what is it?

Delete Tinder from your phone and never look back!

Haha, I think I might do it!

The next Knit and Natter will be held at Leon in Spitalfields Market on Tuesday 14th July at 6:30. Pop along and maybe you’ll be the next President for the Day!

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