Tea at the Palace

As part of the WI Centenary year of celebrations Jamila Daley-Jeffers was lucky enough to attend a Garden party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 along with a lady from every other branch in the UK! So in her own words here’s the inside scoop on the day!

“It was such an amazing day, to start off with, I met up with Amanda from De Beauvoir WI who kindly offered me a lift with her. Her husband, Peter had had the car cleaned, donned a suit and insisted that we should ride in style, sitting in the back, like we were being chauffeur driven.

WI ladies at the Palace
Jem at the Palace!

Now being a very British WI affair, there were queues at the main entrances as we all had to show our beautiful gold trimmed invites but the queues moved very quickly and we were soon walking inside the Grand Entrance. We walked through the internal courtyard, into the palace up the red velvet carpet into a state room and out onto the patio and down the steps into the beautiful garden. You know you have arrived when there are two brass bands playing in the grounds!

I was so impressed with so many ladies putting their kick ass fashion foot forward and that’s how we met Alison of Linthorpe WI. Both Amanda and Alison were wearing dresses by Vivien of Holloway!

The food was served as a delightful high tea affair, who knew that you should put mint in Cucumber sandwiches. I have never liked Cucumber sandwiches before but I am definitely a convert.

Sadly I didn’t get to meet either the Duchess of Cornwall or the Countess of Wessex but it was a great day surrounded by the bad ass ladies of the WI!”

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