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We had a lovely chat over our crafts this month – on such multitudinous subjects as working in Kabul, the beauty that is Chloe’s heritage quilt, our latest claim to fame (being in the Radio Times!), the Sewing Bee’s Summer Tea Party and what Caroline Brooks would do if she were President for the day…

Caroline knitting!
President for the Day: Caroline Brooks.

Hey! What craft is happening up in here?!

I’m making a 1960’s shirt shaped sweater so it has a little collar. The yarn is from the Knitting and Stitching Show where they have a stall where they just put bags with ten balls of wool in and they make a haystack of them and women just wade in looking for what they want.

So you’ve just become President of our upstanding branch of the WI! You’ve organised a killer main meeting for this month. It’s going to be in amazing new venue: where is it?

I’d probably take it back to the 1920’s. To the Ritz Art Deco Bar.

Wow, great venue! And we’ve got ourselves a new bar person: who is it?

I feel like it should be someone you want to punish by making them work behind the bar and they have to listen to us. So maybe Nigel Farage, he wouldn’t be allowed to drink and he has to serve us and be pleasant. 

Phew, well Old Nige has got to snap to it and get us some drinks. You’re buying a round: what are we quaffing? 

I don’t drink but I do like a nice Shirley Temple which is ginger beer and grenadine. It was invented for Shirley Temple because she wasn’t old enough to drink. It’s really pink and sugary and refreshing. And the people who are drinking alcohol can have a little shot of something in it. Maybe vodka?

Haha, Shirley Temple’s for everyone! Wooaahh and this party is catered! What are we chowing down on?

Afternoon tea provided by Claridge’s! Cheese and pickle sandwiches, salmon too, roasted vegetable and hummus. Two types of scones: raisins and plain with jam and clotted cream. And a cake assortment. 

Haha, so we are in the Ritz and we’ve had them bring in the afternoon tea from Claridge’s! Excellent. Well we have an amazing speaker: who is it and what are they chatting about?

I’d go for Agatha Christie because I love her. She would be the 1920’s version of her not the old lady version – she used to be slim and fashionable in the twenties but by the seventies she was drinking pints of cream with her dinner so had got a little plump and hated her picture being taken. She would be talking about her books and maybe tell us about the true crimes that she’s got solutions for. And she would tell us about her surfing: she was one of the first Western women to surf!

Tea at Leon's
Full of Sun!

Sounds like a great talk but it’s time for the dessert trolley! What’s on it?

We are going to be absolutely stuffed. We’re going to be throwing up after the afternoon tea and then this but we are going to have some hedgerow fruit crumbles with custard. 

Well I am 110% stuffed now. Now, for the second half of the meeting we are learning a new skill: what is it?

I’d really like to do wallpapering. Not a lot of people know it and you need someone to show you.

So we’ll just be wallpapering the Ritz I guess? Excellent, bet they’ll be chuffed. We have the raffle and OMFG you win it. What did you win?!

I’m going to have to go with the theme and have a trip on the Orient Express from London to Istanbul. Preferably in the 1920’s.

Wow, great prize. So it’s the end of the meeting and you’ve got one piece of advice to pass on to your sisters: what is it?

I might give relationship advice: don’t let your partner’s hobbies overtake yours. Be your own person.

Excellent advice! Thanks so much for sharing your meeting with us.

The next Knit and Natter will be held at Leon in Spitalfields Market on Tuesday 11 August at 6.30pm. Pop along and perhaps you’ll be President for the day!

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