Cocktails, marijuana cigars, hookers and passing out…

Perfume bottles

…No, not a summary of the Shoreditch Sisters July meeting, but the start of a fragrance from Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays. Sarah runs a micro perfumery in Acton and at our last meeting, she took us on a tour of her perfumes and the history behind them (and it was awesome!).

Sarah Chapman 4160 Tuesdays

Bethnal Green Working Men’s club has never smelt so lush, (no seriously, it hasn’t) with a liberal spritz of perfume the place smelt fantastic.  Once samples were distributed round it was a hard job get everyone to pipe down so Sarah could tell us the background. The first perfume was What I Did On My Holidays which was exactly how English beach holidays should smell – Sea, coconut, mint rock and ice cream – although Shirley thought a bit of vinegar wouldn’t have gone amiss to really round off the holiday experience! 4 days later and my mobile phone still smells of coconut, minty goodness!

This could do with some vinegar

We meandered through seven of Sarah’s scents and how they came to being, the best involved the story of Maxed Out – the inspiration?…a blogger and perfume fan’s former wild times. The perfume is based on the kind of night out in New York that involves cocktails, marijuana cigars, hookers and passing out. If you ever wondered what that might smell like – it smells divine.

Sarah’s talk was fun and engaging and it was only with the promise that we could actually buy some of the perfumes at the end that got us to stop asking questions. Sarah has recently developed an Exclusive fragrance for Fortnum and Mason entitled Centrepeice inspired by a visit to Fortnum & Mason’s ice cream parlour and perfume salon. Sarah has a knack for putting fragrances together – Unicorn Tears and Saturdays? …that has a smell… one that can be turned into a perfume! Shoreditch Sisters?…Tea, Vanilla and violets…. and possibly Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club! We shall  see if we can’t make a Shoreditch Sisters signature scent at one of the workshops.

Thanks to Sarah and her fragrance Elf – Aisha for taking us on a magical mystery tour through perfume, and in case you were wondering – 4160 Tuesdays – What’s in a name? If we live until we’re 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays – so make them count and do something amazing on a Tuesday – like come to a SSWI meeting, or for a bit of a knit and a natter.

Aisha the fragrance elf

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