The girls on their bikes

They See Me Rollin, They Hating…

On our last ride, we were treated to a vision of a traffic-free city thanks to the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle. Not only were some of London busiest streets free of cars but the route featured a number of festival zones which had live music, bike polo, face painting and all kinds of other velo related activities.

In the bright summer sunshine we passed through London’s most famous landmarks including Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. As we road around with 70,000 cyclists it began to seem that to travel any other way than by bike would be complete madness.  We marvelled at how beautiful the architecture was and noticed details on the buildings particularly in the City and through Holborn. Although we travelled at an admittedly slow pace due to the mixed ages and abilities of the other riders, we weren’t in any particular hurry and this allowed us to really appreciate the capital in all it’s historic glory.

The clear roads of the route!
No Cars?!

When the subject of cycling comes up in conversation, someone often laments ‘I’d love to get a bike but London’s roads scare me. I just don’t feel confident.’ The only advice I can offer to build road confidence is to just go for it and start riding, beginning on quieter roads and by cycling with other people. Radiant Riders, Shoreditch Sisters’ cycling sub group was originally set up to set up to help woman gain more self-confidence in cycling. We aim to create fun rides for any riding ability and a safe space where more experienced riders can mix with other ladies with similar pedalling interests. We try and plan routes that the more nervous will feel comfortable on and will give the bolder the chance to see more of London and surrounding countryside. We are social club too by mixing with other cycling events and organizations like ibikeLondon nights or Critical Mass meet ups.  In the past our rides have included travelling to Richmond Park and Hampstead Palace, into Lee Valley, BMXing in the Olympic Park and a London to Brighton ride.

Laura on her bike
Laura’s having a great time

For our next ride we’ll be travelling to the historic Horniman Museum on Sunday 6 September so come and join us and get involved with Radiant Riders. We are members led and if you have and idea for a ride please feel free to come and suggest it. We are open to Shoreditch Sisters members and female non-members. You just have to want to experience how much fun London can be on two wheels. Now you have no more excuses, so on your bike.

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