Knot Just Natter: Extreme Baking, Angela Merkle and Rum, Lots of Rum.

A partly made hat
It’s not finished yet

A lovely wee Knit and Natter was had this month, with varying degrees of knitting from the abominable (mine) to the incredible (we have a sister with a degree in knitting!) there were numerous topics up for discussion: Caroline’s Japanese yarn winder (she wouldn’t tell us his name), the fact our treasurer has passed her exams (congratulations Amy!) and how scary it is what people share on the internet. But more importantly than any of that, our treasurer, Amy Brookes-Beighton, took on the mantel of President for a Day. Come with me now on a journey through time and space…

Hey! So what crafting are you doing?

I’m doing the Shoreditch Sisters accounts which might not be traditional craft but it is definitely creative.

So you’ve just become President of our upstanding branch of the WI! You’ve organised a great main meeting.It’s going to be in amazing new venue: where is it?

In the apartment behind the clock in St Pancras Hotel.

And we’ve got ourselves a new bar person: who is it?

The guys from the Nightjar because they make really, really, really good cocktails and they’re all kind of hot and they have jazz.

Amy doing her accounts
Amy Crafting Away

Well I for one need a drink and it’s your round: what are we having?!

We will get the rum cocktail from Nightjar which is basically a pint of rum and ice and they put a little almond cake in alcohol and then set fire to it. You get a pint of rum and cinnamon and cake and fire.

That sounds incredible! I’m feeling a little sozzled already, I need some food and luckily under this new regime we have food provided. What are we having?

Barbecue food. American-style pit ribs. And all the sides: mac and cheese, fries, onion rings, deep fried vegetables, there will be a deep fat fryer to fry your own! And a cheese and pineapple hedgehog because there should be more of those.

Well I’m stuffed. We have an amazing speaker: who is it and what are they chatting about?

Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkle and Christine Lagarde. We will fill them full of rum cocktails and just see what happens. 

Sounds like a great laugh but it’s time for the dessert trolley! What’s on it?

Cake from Kahaila on Brick Lane – carrot cake, red velvet cake, every cake they have.

For the second half of the meeting we are learning a new skill: what is it?

Cake decorating but extreme – I want us to learn how to make Stonehenge out of jelly.

So we’ve all had a lot of fun making this jelly Stonehenge with Angela Merkle but we have the raffle and OMFG you win it. What did you win?!

A massive warehouse apartment in Shoreditch the size of a football pitch and I want servants. I want a scullery maid.

Wow, great prize. So we are at the end of the meeting and you’ve got one piece of advice to pass on to your sisters: what is it?

People aren’t going to help you if they don’t like you, it’s from the Imitation Game.

Excellent advice! Thanks so much for sharing your meeting with us. It’s been totes emosh!

The next Knit and Natter will be held at Leon in Spitalfields Market on Tuesday 8 September at 6.30pm. Pop along!

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