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Jasmin and her craftThe nights are beginning to draw in so pretty soon it was dark but we made the most of a lovely evening of knitting and nattering. We talked about all the past craftivism quilts we have made and the upcoming Bust Craftacular event and we had our youngest ever Knit and Natterer at nine years old who was knitting a blanket for her doll and a lovely blanket it was too! But most importantly of all Jasmin Matin indulged us and told us what she would do if she was President for the day…

Hey! So what crafting are you doing?

A very exciting cushion cover, in a very exciting off-white.

So you’ve just become President of our upstanding branch of the WI! You’ve organised a killer main meeting for this month.It’s going to be in amazing new venue: where is it?

Somewhere in Laos. A buddhist temple in Laos! A lot of mindfulness and candles burning.

So in this buddhist temple we’ve set up a bar. Obviously. And we’ve got ourselves a new bar person: who is it?

Barak and Michelle Obama – I think they would both be a lot of fun.

Well I think I need a drink and it’s your round: what are we having?!

A round of Porn Star Martinis. Because you also get a shot of prosecco.

So WI meetings are now catered. What are we chowing down on?

I think it should fit in with the buddhist temple so maybe something by Ottolenghi. Just his whole salad bar in his Angel shop!

Jasmin's Cushion CoverWe have an amazing speaker: who is it and what are they chatting about?

Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s chief international correspondent, would talk about going to places that people want to get the hell out of and holding her own in a difficult and very male dominated situations.

Sounds like a great talk but it’s time for the dessert trolley! What’s on it?

Croque en bouche! It’s those towers of profiteroles.

Wow, I’m full of profiteroles now. So for the second half of the meeting we are learning a new skill: what is it?

How to make bread!

And we now have the raffle and OMFG you win it. What did you win?!

I would like something that we could all share. I think a boat cruise down the Mekong river for the whole meeting.

Lovely choice! So it’s drawing to the close of an amazeballs meeting and you’ve got one piece of advice to pass onto the ladies gathered. What is it?

You define you. What you believe to be true of yourself you will find proof of in the world. What you give out will radiate back to you

Excellent advice! Thank you so much for sharing your meeting with us. It’s been totes emosh: now lets get on that boat down the Mekong!

Come along to the next Knit and Natter on Tuesday 13th October!

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