Haiku you!

How do 25 ladieez celebrate International Women’s Day? With poet, writer and performer extraordinaire Cecilia Knapp of course! And what a doozy of an evening it was. We had poetry, a workshop, some free style writing, cake and a never-ending raffle. What better way to celebrate the day, than with a group of wonderful lady chums, unearthing your latent, or not so latent in some cases, creativity.

Poet and all round amazing lady – Cecilia Knapp

For the whole bus ride home, I thought I was a poet, almost. I saw Haikus and couplets in everything, such was the enthusiasm and creative energy imbibed into our group by Cecilia. To listen and watch her perform was such a pleasure, her poetry and delivery is such a richly evocative experience that it was impossible not to feel her words relate to some part of all our experience. Her eloquent romp through love and loss, washing machines, fags made of tea and of night buses was a beautiful insight into her world and ours.

Is that you God? It’s me… Walt Whitman

Next came the moment that if this was a work away day, I’d be burrowing under my chair in the hope of escaping any part of – the get involved section! However, Cecilia is clearly a pro at putting children and grown ass women at ease! A bit of free writing and focus and suddenly everyone is Walt Whitman!

Haiku bingo was another classic game, one I’ll be busting out at all future family functions… so you can enjoy it too, below is a winner of Haiku bingo…

 Some of my parts

Not just a fanny
But a wondering mind too
Celebrate us Woo!

What’s in a name? Juliette wouldn’t have got a look in with these rose meringues.

Shout out to Linda for the AMAZING cakes… all shall now be judged by the standard of the rosewater meringue. Seriously though, any bakers out there, cake/snacks and bingo donations always welcome. Bring ’em along!

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