Book Club

Next Meeting: 31st May at 7pm

Starting again after a hiatus, our book club will be reading Gather The Daughters by Jennie Melamed. We will be meeting to talk about it at Leon in Spitalfields Market on 31st May at 7pm.


Book blurb:

For fans of Emma Cline’s THE GIRLS and Emily St John Mandel’s STATION 11, this dark, unsettling and hugely compelling story of an isolated island cult will get under your skin.

GATHER THE DAUGHTERS tells the story of an end-of-the-world cult founded years ago when ten men colonised an island. It’s a society in which men reign supreme, breeding is controlled, and knowledge of the outside world is kept to a minimum. Girls are wives-in-training: at the first sign of puberty, they must marry and have children. But until that point, every summer, island tradition dictates that the children live wildly: running free, making camps, sleeping on the beach. And it is at the end of one such summer that one of the youngest girls sees something so horrifying that life on the island can never be the same again.

The Book Club isn’t strictly feminist but we have a general theme of ‘women’ i.e. independent and female only publishers, good female leading characters and new and established women authors etc. There are so many great women out there that it’s good to give them a chance!

All women are welcomed, including non-members who want to try out one of our groups meetings before they join. Old, new, classic, funny and sad tales are all considered and books are decided between us at meetings. We try to read all genres so bring your suggestions with you of anything you’ve been dying to get off your shelf, or something you have already read and want to share. We also try to get together at other events, literary or not.