November Main Meeting

It may still feel too early for festivities, but no one enjoys panicking up and down the aisles of Boots on Christmas eve grabbing whatever’s left in the 3for2 section hoping that’ll do. So for our November meeting crafty Committee member Louise guided us through some gift and decoration ideas for the month ahead.

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Loaded up with some seasonally apt cake made by fellow Shoreditch Sister Linda,we were good to go.


Getting crafty is something that comes more easily to some than others, and can run the risk of leaving you feeling “mugged” off. But equipped with nothing but a blank ceramic and Sharpies, (and maybe the odd smartphone for Pinspiration), creativity was aplenty with wonderful results.

Now that we had gifts to put under the tree, we needed something to put on it, and this W.I  were redefining the vajaazzle with felt, bells, and shiny ribbons!