Meanwhile, the Shoreditch Sisters…


With the Spring all around us, for our April main meeting we decided to arrange something special for our members to nurture ourselves as well as some plant life.

Bridget and Frances of the Meanwile Club  joined us for a members exclusive Desktop Garden workshop. The Meanwhile Club’s ethos being to build community through horticultural activities we thought this would be the perfect way for members to get to know each other, whilst making something wonderful to take away by the end!


Equipped with soil and succulents we got stuck in with arranging our plant pots. Not forgetting a key component – decorative dinosaurs!

And of course it wouldn’t be a main meeting without a bumper raffle (raising money for Ella’s Home).

Proudly clutching our very own terrariums, there was a satisfying sense of achievement by the end of the meeting.

The Meanwhile Club can be found on the last Thursday of every month on Leake Street running their Make Do and Mend Yourself workshops. The Shoreditch Sisters give their seal of approval!


Shoreditch Sisters meet up with Art Macabre

Our March Main Meeting involved a collaboration with Art Macabre for a life drawing class with a twist!

Fueled by the Strongroom‘s W.I meeting meal deal  of Poutine, we were ready to recapture the joy and freedom of how we drew as a child!


Our muse for the evening was the mother goddess of destruction Kali (our second meeting involving the theme of goddesses!). Expertly portrayed by Geta Von Tease who had the difficult task of portraying a deity with six arms, she provided several poses for the drawers in the room to replicate this effect. Where was Kali’s infamous belt fashioned from the heads of men? Alas, we had to turn to our imagination for that, although we didn’t have to dig too deep for inspiration given current world politics…


Art Macabre warmed the room up for the activity by asking us to first draw Geeta without looking at the page. Trusting our instincts was the aim. Another approach was to work together on a joint drawing, taking it in turns to hold the pencil together and guide our partner through the image.


To finish our very own Committee Member Katie Pepper posed as the defeated Shiva!




Gallentines and Goddesses

Our February main meeting saw us at our brand new venue at The Strongroom, and hour Social Hour before the meeting proved a hit. We look forward to an exciting year ahead here.


This month’s main meeting Dr Helen Johnson helped us fall madly and deeply in love with ourselves for this Valentine’s day! We Humans have been spinning yarns since the beginning of time, and one of the reasons we love to tell stories and myths of a bygone age still remain in our consciousness is because it helps make sense of ourselves and the world around us.

Too often we ‘typecast’ ourselves and get stuck in patterns of behaviour. Helen uses the archetypes of Greek Goddesses as a tool to explore and embrace our strengths, and to find other parts of ourselves we’ve neglected. As she talked through the different Goddesses emphatic nods of recognition, and laughter at being “that person” filled the room.

And then a first in the history of the Shoreditch Sisters W.I (possibly any W.I meeting ever?!), Dr. Johnson guided us through  a meditation! This was definitely the most chilled and reflective meeting we’ve ever had.

To end we were collectively talked through Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T or “Tapping”). A technique to de-stress and re-energise this basically allows you to air that little critic in the back of your mind to free yourself up.

To find out more about Dr. Helen Johnson’s work and find out who your inner Goddess is head over to her website: Goddess Acumen