Sewing Bee Afternoon Tea Challenge

Our Sewing Bee subgroup decided earlier in the year to challenge ourselves to make an outfit to wear for a summer afternoon tea. Most people chose to make a dress, though there were a couple of skirts, too. A couple of us were unable to find the time to make their outfits, though of course they could still come along! I wore a circle skirt I had made from a round table cloth with a petticoat I’d made underneath and a ready to wear top. I had planned to make a dress but life got in the way this time!

A group of 11 of us descended on Sketch in Mayfair, just off Regent Street one Sunday afternoon and were seated in the Glade. Each room in Sketch is fantastically themed and even the toilets are like something from another world – big individual egg shaped cubicles which have to be seen to be believed. We chose our tea from the menu, before being brought our food by the charming and attentive staff. The tea at the front of the picture above was the regular afternoon tea for 2, and toward the back of the picture is the vegetarian version for 1. They also have nut free, gluten free and vegan afternoon tea available. We also had scones with cream and strawberry or fig jam, and were offered seconds, too! It was a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon with friends and the food was lovely. Sketch is a really interesting place to go to, even just for a drink – it has to be seen!  
Our next challenge is to make a glamorous evening outfit like a cocktail dress to wear to Nightjar – described as ‘a hidden slice of old-school glamour’ on their website – on Saturday the 12 of December.

By Louise Mullen for Shoreditch Sisters WI